Apple Watch Series 7 Release Date, Specifications and Rumours

Apple Watch series 7 release date and price

Apple fans are eagerly anticipating the launch of Series 7 iWatch in autumn 2021, and with good reason. The Apple Watch SE was a popular follow-up to the original iWatch when it launched in 2020. And this year’s Series 6 model has seen some really exciting improvements – not least an expanded range of colors. So what can we expect from Apple Watch Series 7? What do we know so far? What is the cost and how much is it probable that it will cost? Let’s find out…

Next week’s Apple Watch 7 debut could come as soon as next Tuesday, and despite the few rumours about the gadget, we know what to anticipate. With the Apple Watch Series 6, Apple will undoubtedly release a new model that adds more features. The Apple Watch 7 should include improvements to make the best smartwatch even better, as a follow-up to the Apple Watch Series 6. A new health sensor, improved display, longer battery life, and more are all possible upgrades. There’s also talk of an all-new flat-edged design with bigger displays.

Apple Watch Series 7 Release Date, Specifications and Rumours

Apple Watch 7 release date

So, while we anticipate Apple’s Watch Series 7 to be unveiled alongside the new iPhone 13 at the September iPhone event, it may not go on sale until later. According to a Bloomberg report from the supply chain, however, the Apple Watch 7 has been beset with production difficulties owing to planned design changes. For those looking to upgrade their Apple Watch to the new model. This announcement may tip the scale in favor of purchasing it.

There were reports that the Watch Series 7 had been delayed, but they have since been debunked by trustworthy Mark Gurman of Bloomberg, who claims Apple is still on schedule. It’s worth noting, however, that according to Mark Gurman of Bloomberg, the Apple Watch will be available on time but in limited quantities at first. To put it another way, you may have issues obtaining an Apple Watch 7 right now.

The good news is that, according to a report from Apple supply chain analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the company has overcome the problems that were preventing the Watch from shipping. There’s a two-week wait for production, which means Apple may release the Watch 7 at about the same time as it does with minimal supply constraints.

Apple Watch series 7 release date and price
Apple Watch series 7 release date and price


Apple Watch Series 7 Price?

Apple’s next-generation smartwatch is expected to debut at £379/399, according to reports. The Apple Watch Series has stayed relatively cheap throughout the years. The following three versions were priced as follows at launch:

  • £399/ $399 for the Apple Watch Series 4
  • The Apple Watch Series 5 is priced at £399/ $399.
  • Apple Watch Series 6 is available for £379/399.

The Apple Watch Series 7 starts at $399 for the 38 mm size, rising to $429 for the 44 mm variant with cellular capabilities. That said, changes to sizing choices and connectivity could alter the price of the Apple Watch.

The Apple Watch Series 7 will most likely retail for £379/$399 or thereabouts, because we can’t spot any compelling reason why things would change so significantly.

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What are the design changes expected?

The Series 6 didn’t provide the comprehensive makeover that many people desired. But industry analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicted in September that a “fundamental form factor design change” for the Apple Watch is on its way and could be introduced in the second half of 2021.

The Apple Watch Series 4 made some significant changes in terms of display, and the Series 5, 6, and SE follow suit. The basic form and appearance of the original Watch remain unchanged. Despite new watches with more displays in roughly the same footprint becoming available.

Given the Series 5’s unimpressive design. It’s conceivable that the Series 7 has further modifications, especially since the Series 6 includes a blood oxygen sensor.

The shape of Apple’s smartwatch hasn’t altered in years. While we like the squircle form, rumors of a flat-edged Apple Watch adopting the iPhone design language are exciting. According to a leak from Jon Prosser, a flat-edged Apple Watch following the iPhone design language is in development. The new Apple Watch seems to be based on these images by Prosser.

“The display is likely to stay the same as it has been for the last few generations. At least according to what I’ve heard, they have experimented with even smaller bezels and more screen,” Prosser added.

apple watch series 7 design change
apple watch series 7 design change

Battery life expectations?

Battery life, like many other features, is something that people swear they care about. But then overlook as they race to include energy-intensive new features and better components. But perhaps this year will be different.

We’re already aware that the new S7 chip will take up significantly less room inside the Apple Watch Series 7 than the S6 did in Series 6, according to a story from the Economic Daily News. This will allow for more components or additional space.

The Apple Watch’s battery life has been rated at 18 hours. According to Max Weinbach, the Apple Watch 7 will have a battery that is 20% bigger than the second-generation Apple Watch.

In the leaked images, it appears that Apple will be including a larger 42-mm battery in the Apple Watch 7. That could result in considerably longer battery life for the Apple Watch 7 than its precursor. But the leaker didn’t reveal how long the Apple Watch 7 would last in real-world usage. We expect that this will vary from person to person, but improved battery life would be greatly appreciated.

battery life
battery life

Other features to expect

Touch ID fingerprint verification: According to reports, Apple’s Series 7 will include a Touch ID fingerprint sensor. This might be located either beneath the screen or in the Digital Crown, as previously predicted for the iPhone 13 (2018).

touch id
touch id

Blood pressure monitoring: There are a few reasons why Apple Watch’s blood pressure monitoring may appear in 2021. It’s a good choice for the company’s informally annual health feature upgrade, which it has done every year since early 2015. Because the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 includes a sensor for blood pressure monitoring, Apple may use this as a basis.

Sleep Tracking: Sleep monitoring is available as part of watch OS 7, and it’s available on older Apple Watches as well. It isn’t as robust as some other devices, however. Some additional hardware on the Series 7 might put it in contention with the Fitbit and Garmin’s. We know that Respiratory Rate will be included in watch OS 8, but we’d want more than this.

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